Executive Protection

Our services are designed to meet the growing security and protection needs of high profile individuals, industrial and commercial companies. Jetty oversees the provision of executive protection coverage for company owners and senior leaders.

  • VIPs
  • CEOs
  • Public Engagements
  • Corporate Leadership
  • High Profile Events
  • On-Site Security

Onsite Security

Jetty specializes in securing high-risk, high profile environments. Security teams are trained to evaluate and safeguard a variety of business sectors, including construction sites and hotels. Services include comprehensive asset and venue protection. Security professionals are instructed to become natural extensions of a client’s existing workforce or environment. Consistent evaluation and training ensures cutting edge proficiency in any location.

  • Construction Sites
  • Hotels
  • Event Venues
  • Private Functions
  • Industrial Agencies

Risk Assessment

Jetty Performs security and risk assessments of facilities, including the evaluation of on-site security equipment. Comprehensive summaries of current conditions and needed improvements are disseminated to senior management.

  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • High Profile Venues
  • Corporate Offices
  • Industrial Agencies


Security policies, standards, and procedures are developed and implemented to ensure the continuous refinement of security staff and facilities.

  • Facilities and Staff Development
  • Municipal Support
  • Corporate Infrastructure

Vehicles & Transportation

Our transport services are designed to meet our client’s unique requirements, including ground study, route analysis and contingency preparation. Asset transport and protection is researched and executed methodically and meticulously. Security escort services are routinely provided for VIPs, CEOs, or to transport and protect expensive merchandise.

  • Private and Public Engagements
  • VIP Travel
  • Ground and Air Escort
  • Cargo Security
  • Asset Transport

Code of Conduct

There is no substitute for the safety of our clients.

Private security is essential to ensuring the security and safety of persons and property. Our methods are based on years of operational experience in the military, special forces, and law enforcement. We value human life above all, and remain in constant training to ensure readiness for any scenario. We are a team of founders, leaders and facilitators of Jetty’s core values: preparedness, honesty, and excellence.

Customized Security Solutions

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